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Finally a solution to all the B58 powered cars such as the F series chassis running a bigger than stock turbo setup. On stock turbo the stock valve cover has its issues, the PCV diaphragm fail from fatigue whether or not your car is stock. poor design from the factory. 

VS has engineered, tested, and designed the ultimate solution and permanent fix for this issue.

This kit deletes the diaphragm completely and plugs the headports coming from the intake runners into the cyclone system in the valve cover without having to remove the valve cover so this makes life easier already.

Photo is beta version. Braided hose also not included 

This kit is a VTA type of kit so the hoses run down to the bottom of the subframe. You will not smell anything in the cabin

in stock 

What does the kit include?
-VS Billet PCV Delete Cap
-VS Breather Fitting
-VS Custom AN Fittings
-VS Custom AN Lines

Will this kit benefit with VS Breather Cap?
-Yes, extra ventilation helps a ton

What does the PCV diaphragm do?
-PCV system is built into the valve cover
-Diaphragm actuates with vacuum from headports

Will I pass emissions/inspection?
-Recommended for off road use only 
-Will not trigger CEL

Is this kit plug n play?

Can I combine other catch cans with this kit?
-Yes but with modification (vta cans only)

Does the port on the intake tube get plugged?
-Leave the stock breather tube connected to it, it stays plugged this way

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