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Set of (6) 

1-Step Colder Spark Plugs for N54 engines

NGK (ILZKBR7B-8G / 97968)

Bosch (ZR5TPP33)

1-Step Colder Spark Plugs for BMW N54 Engines

  • Iridium electrodes for high performance
  • 1-step colder heat range for knock resistance and misfire prevention
  • Iridium tip electrodes which are tougher than the stock plugs Nickel-Copper tips

We offer 1-step colder spark plugs for the N54 engine from both NGK and Bosch. These plugs are recommended for any tuned/modified N54 pushing up to 350-500+whp. Most cars running higher horsepower levels should opt for the 2-step colder plugs. These spark plugs should be changed every 20,000 miles or when rough idling, long cold starts, or misfires begin to take place.

Note that the Bosch plug is actually the N55 OEM plug, which was made one-step colder by BMW after they realized the N54 OEM plugs were a little too hot. These plugs run great on the N54. 

Why Use 1-Step Colder Spark Plugs?

All spark plugs are engineered to ignite upon different engine temperatures, or heat ranges. The more boost, or psi, you are running on your turbocharged car, the hotter the engine temps become as more fuel needs to be burned to accommodate the increased boost. Running spark plugs which are too hot or have too high heat ranges in a car that is tuned, running above stock boost levels, can lead to misfires under full-throttle. And we are running additional boost because...we love full-throttle. Don't let misfires take away your full-throttle happiness - run 1-step colder if you are tuned!

NOTE: These spark plugs need to be individually gapped to 0.022" (0.56mm) using a spark plug gapping tool.

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