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Tired of fiddling with the OEM push-pin? Now introducing the most secure way to fasten down our E9X intake scoops and the intake ducting. This upgrade deletes the jank OEM plastic push-pin and replaces it with a Zinc-Plated Alloy Steel Metric bolt. It adds in the functionality of screwing-in the intake scoops when installing. Based on our available add-on kit, this new kit is designed for a 100% DIY install. 

This hardware integration is guaranteed to never fail. A subtle upgrade that will remain incognito with the black hardware included. The included class 10.9 hardware is no joke. Zinc-plated alloy steel bolts resist corrosion in wet environments. For an even easier install, 3D printed parts were designed for a quick and easy procedure.

Install this kit in minutes. Simply remove the intake scoops, insert the nut in the 3D printed guides, align the guides under the mounting tabs, and press them on. The 3M VHB will secure these with no issue. Now you're all set. Just reinstall the intake scoops and enjoy the ease of screwing these in! 

Here's what's included in the kit

  • One set of metric bolts
  • One set of self-clinching metric nuts
  • One set of 3D printed guides, backed with 3M VHB

Do you have your own custom hardware in your engine? This upgrade is compatible with any metric M6 bolt! Just replace the included bolt with your preference and you're good to go.


Please note this hardware set will replace the OEM push-pin for the intake scoops. No modification is necessary. A metric 4 mm hex (Allen) key can be used to torque down the bolt. Hand-tight + 1/5 turn is all that's necessary. Do not overtighten.

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Easy cop!

You need this if you copped the intake scoops, easy install and better than OEM kit

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