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Original price $519.99 - Original price $559.99
Original price
$519.99 - $559.99
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BMW B58 TU / Supra High-Pressure Fuel Pump Upgrade Retrofit

- Genuine BMW # 13518631642 HPFP 

If you are looking to make more than around 450WHP on your B58 GEN 1 powered BMW the factory HPFP is going to become the weak link at those levels. This will give you much-increased headroom for making power. This upgrade is good for around 600HP on gasoline.

This pump is a 100% direct bolt-on, takes about 15 minutes to swap the pump, and 2 minutes to extend the harness, Easy install. No coding or special tuning needed.

In stock and ready to ship with the required adapter at an excellent price. 

Fuel-It! extension adapter harness is an option for $39.99.  

What's included

• (1)  (Bosch) BMW 13518631642 High-Pressure Fuel Pump (HPFP Bosch Brand 

• (1) Fuel-It! extension adapter harness as an option 

 All the warranty has to sent in for inspection.   

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