This is a cast version of our incredibly popular Billet CNC valve cover. Instead of starting with a billet piece of aluminum. This cover is cast. then it goes through the same machining process as our billet VC. This keeps the cost down and makes for an awesome valve cover that eliminates the factory plastic cover, and its cyclonic PCV system. This also allows you to run any of our modular PCV fittings, crankcase breather, vacuum relief, billet banjos, catch can kits, etc.

This truly is the best bang for your buck Valve Cover upgrade on the N54 market. High quality, low price, great looks, no cracking, and unlimited PCV plumbing options makes this a no brainer upgrade!

We offer three color options. Black Wrinkle and Red Wrinkle Powder coat which will hide all casting imperfections, and look the best. There is no charge for powder coating options. We offer custom colors powder coat, at $150. (Please note: Take 2-4 weeks for custom colors)