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VTT Billet Vacuum Relief Valve

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VTT Billet Vacuum relief valve allows you to dial in your crankcase vacuum to the precise level you choose. No more wondering if you have too much or too little vacuum in your crankcase. With this valve simply add or remove shims to get the desired vacuum level.

The valve is designed with -10ORB threads to be a DIRECT screw int to any of our modular PCV solutions and our Modular CNC Valve covers. Simply screw into an open port, and you can seal your system with no fear of pulling too much vacuum through the system.

Adjusting Vacuum:

There are 5 vacuum settings using the supplied shims.

  • 4 shims used the valve will open at 18″ of vacuum
  • 3 shims used the valve will open at 16″ of vacuum
  • 2 shims used the valve will open at 14″ of vacuum
  • 1 shim used the valve will open at 12″ of vacuum
  • 0 shims used the valve will open at 10″ of vacuum

Note: For the BMW N54 we suggest anywhere from 10-14″ of vacuum going higher can cause whistling, and pulling vacuum past the engine seals.

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