VTT BMW Billet One Way Crankcase Breather

VTT is happy to introduce the first and only available plug and play crankcase breather kits for ALL BMW applications that use the two-prong oil tab style oil fill caps. With this breather simply remove your oil cap, install the breather, and instantly free up horsepower, improve turbo draining, and remove crankcase pressure, all while adding a cool look to your engine bay.

Can be used by itself with the stock PCV system to eliminate crankcase pressure, or with any number of PCV setups for the ultimate in crankcase pressure relieve

Made from 6061-T6 Aircraft aluminum anodized black for a long-lasting finish, 4 stainless steel baffles for complete oil control, a PTFE one-way check ball, a high-quality filter, and clamp all work together to keep crankcase pressure where it belongs, out of your crankcase.

This breather will fit MOST NOT ALL BMWs with the two-prong style oil fill cap including but not limited to N54, N55, S55, S54, S85, S63, S63TU, N63. There are factors that may stop it from fitting your platform such as valve cover style etc.