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It is a known fact the N54 suffers in the crank case ventilation and pcv department....and now its time to end this on going issue because if its one thing we all get sick of its constantly walnut blasting the intake valves as "preventative maintenance" ...what a joke

The Vader Solutions Breather System Kit basically undo's everything BMW did from the factory and turned it into something functional whether your are stock or pushing out mega horsepower; not only is it functional but this kit also gives your engine bay something aggressive to look at when the hood is popped.

Say bye-bye to the pcv system and to walnut blasting and say hello to vented crank case!


VS - Breather Kit

  • VS PCV delete Fitting
  • VS Flapper Delete Fitting
  • 10AN Hoses (optional upgrade to braided hose)
  • VS Catch Can by Vibrant
  • VS Catch Can Bracket

This kit is completely plug & play (if experiencing high amount of oil in catch can over short period of time we highly suggest testing compression of engine via compression test and leak down test to verify issue) (healthy newish valve covers are recommended) (front port must face up as much as possible) (filter no longer needed, instead it uses an additional 10an port on the side of the can). The third port stays open to vent to atmosphere. 


Please Note: In line with our policy to constantly review ,revise and improve our product range, the product you receive may differ from the one advertised. FITS ONLY 1 and 3 SERIES.

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