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This line lock kit from Vader Solutions utilizes two solenoids to lock your front brakes, allowing you to do a perfect burnout every single time! Whether you're warming up your tires for the drag strip or just trying to impress your buddies and look cool.

BMW is really picky when it comes to the cars behavior, so in this situation if the car notices that the brakes and gas pedal are being pressed at the same time it will pull a bunch of timing and will shut throttle. It will NOT do that with this line lock kit. since you press the brake pedal once to activate the line lock then let go of the brake pedal the car has no idea that you are pressed down on the brakes while giving it all of the beans!

No coding required! 

What included:

  • 2  line lock solenoids - rated to 3,000PSI and designed to withstand extreme temperatures and conditions 
  • 2 sets of DOT-approved stainless brake lines
  • 2 brake fitting adapters
  • DIY switch

Wiring is included, along with detailed instructions to make your installation easier. This kit is recommended to be wired to an aftermarket switch with a aerospace style cover.

this kit is intended for off-road and competition use only


works with all bmw and chassis 

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